Glass and carbon compounds


Compounds (a type of laminates) are plastics with high mechanical strength and resistance to chemicals and changeable atmospheric conditions (also UV) in any colour. They may be flame-retardant.


We produce high quality laminates based on polyester and epoxy resins reinforced with glass or carbon fibres.


Among other things, we are able to manufacture:

  • Sanitary products: e.g. bathtubs, washbasins, shower tubs,
  • Housings and covers for machines and devices,
  • Products for the automotive sector: e.g. bodywork elements, bumpers, hoods, fenders, spoilers, fairings,
  • Other products for the yacht industry, railways, etc.


We will create everything for you: from small elements to large-sized products.
The possibilities of compounds are limitless – the only things which can limit your options is your imagination and budget.

EKOTECH guarantees the manufacturing of products from top quality compounds.