Separate collection


Our offer covers containers for the collection, segregation and sorting of plastic, metal, glass, paper and mixed waste. We produce containers with the capacity of 1.5m3, 1.8m3 and 2.5m3.

We also offer containers for used-up batteries, past due drugs, for hospitals and for sand and salt, etc.

Our products are made of resins reinforced with glass fibre (flame resistant), what makes them robust, rigid and extremely resistant to mechanical damage and atmospheric conditions. Unlike metal containers, they are light and non-corrosive. Containers are available in various colours, depending on the waste type and purpose.

They are marked in line with applicable requirements and our Customers’ wishes. Inscriptions and any other types of marking may be melted into the container wall, what makes them extremely durable, or they may have a form of stickers.

Our segregation containers, 1.5m3, 1.8m3 and 2.5m3 are suitable for unloading in the HDS system and with the use of a double-hack mechanism, it is possible to operate them by one person.

We also produce containers for waste collection made of polyethylene with the capacity from 60 to 1100 l.